The coast was warned against a tsunami.

It was hard for Conrad.

We have to try harder.

You are fabulous.


The students performed Hamlet.

Mason told me not to tell you.

They want to tell you their story.


That girl sure has a lot of energy.

I'm only pulling your leg.

This is a very entertaining story.

No one noticed her absence until the meeting ended.

I told Evan you already knew.

Is it finished?

Support from a native speaker would be appreciated.

That might take some time.

I've already told Seenu that he doesn't need to come here tomorrow.

She's a beaver.

He is knitting a scarf.

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The villagers were afraid of the famished bears.

When I got the phone call telling me of my father's death, I was completely flustered.

We have a lot to live up to.

I'm still having the same dream about drowning.

I tried not to do that.

The population of the city dropped by a third.

Christian and Carisa are having a dinner party Friday evening.

I wonder if she'll accept a belated birthday present.

Wendell gets it.

I made myself clear about my feelings for him at the outset.

I had to think about the problem for quite a while before I saw daylight.


Come lend me a hand, please!


Thank you for bringing your computer.

Do you know why Arnold was in prison?

Bruno was alerted.

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There was no avoiding them.

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Jacobson is very charming when he smiles.

Did you not know that?

Police are running an advertising campaign advising people who intend to drive home after drinking, to rethink their third drink.

Where did you smoke them?

I know who's on the list.

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I did what you asked.

I thought Amedeo and Moore were crazy.

Nancy doesn't play tennis.


The accident threw traffic into great confusion.

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I'll follow your advice.

Her baby was a great blessing to her.

Money never made a man happy yet, nor will it. There is nothing in its nature to produce happiness. The more a man has, the more he wants. Instead of its filling a vacuum, it makes one. If it satisfies one want, it doubles and trebles that want another way. That was a true proverb of the wise man, rely upon it: "Better is little with the fear of the Lord, than great treasure, and trouble therewith."

Who teaches you?

Cindie couldn't solve the problem, could he?

Don't talk about them.

Can anyone verify this?

Seeing the policeman, the man ran away.

She panicked when she heard the police.

He went on doing it.

Johann is engaged in medical research.


That was all I could afford.

I can't go back now.

I've already done the paperwork.

You have too many books on the shelf.

Whoever may say so, it is not true.


Perhaps I can help.


Where is my position on the map?

Pamela has information that Gregg needs.

Bart usually wears jeans.


They both have a diamond credit card.

"I think you'd make a cute couple." "Whaat?"

Go get her medicine and a glass of water.

Sorry, I've got to go.

In a way, you are right.


"You had better not wear the red dress." "Why not?"

I take a lot of pictures.

I'll only slow you down.

Barbara regaled us with amazing stories about her trip to Tibet.

Damon looks like he could use some rest.

She doesn't want to wait for you.

Taking unnecessary risks is pushing your luck!


His wife seems to be a foreigner.

I'm going to take full responsibility.

Perhaps you'd better leave.


She is twenty years old.

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Tor doesn't need my permission to do that.

Oleg used to swim, but he doesn't anymore.

It is one thing to know and another to teach.

If you compare yourself with others, you may become vain or bitter; for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself.

We're going to try to win again.

They lived together for two years before they got married.

Socorrito doesn't have what it takes to make it around here.

The beach is an ideal place for children to play.

Micah says he needs to talk to Kanthan about something.

Cristi tried to sleep.

Leo has never been in any trouble.

My older brother is a very enthusiastic soccer fan.

I wonder what happened to Rodney.


He called together everyone who was a captain and above.


She ordered three dinners.

You can go home after you have finished this work.

You know all about me.


Rich as she is, she is not happy.


He did everything in adherence to the same mold.

The next one's on me.

Is there any nutritional difference between soy and regular milk?


My life is perfect right now. I don't want anything to change.

You smell great.

This is her pen.

It seems to be quiet over there, right?

We cleaned the house.

I shall not change my mind, whatever happens.

Sorry that I love you.

He does not live there any more.

It's important to me that we follow the rules.

I wonder if you could tell me if there is a post office in this area.

He set off to Paris.

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We always see Sabrina when we go to Boston.

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We're coming right back.

She boldly went up to the king.

Our plan will work out well.

I'm sorry I asked.

His speech went on for such a long time that some people began to fall asleep.

Can't you vacuum later?

I went to the shop.

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Was it really Bea?

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Is your trunk locked?

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I thanked him for what he had done.

Susan is disappointed.

That movie ended up being a bore.

Jun sells shoes.

She's always complaining about the food.

I'm very happy with my purchase.

One should not say bad words.

My roommate is in Mexico. You should come over.

Every high school student has ditched class at one time or other.

Tell Jeffrey to give Emmett this.

Jonathan was booked because he got into a fight with a player on the other team.

I was starting to worry.

She took the entrance exam yesterday.


Charleen will be great.

I taught my sister how to drive.

It's been two years since I saw him last.

Listen a minute.

The conversation turned to politics.

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Terrance spends too much time playing video games.

Tuan's coat kept him warm.

Annard seems to be getting angry.

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In Japan, we drive on the left side of the road.


Myrick took a break.

Devils are hiding among the rocks.

How could you know this was going to happen?


It's difficult being rich.


You have to hold back.

Don't buy things on credit.

Our team scored five runs in the last inning.

Lyndon was riding in the back seat.

Why don't we talk about this over dinner?


This is hers.

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How did you meet your partner?

Rodney has been arrested more than three times.

I'll do what I can to help you.


That rings a bell.

These aren't cheap.

I'm ordering you not to obey my orders.

English is easy to learn.

She has been on her own since the age of eighteen.

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I heard the thunder, but did not see the lightning.